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Cyclops Radar Info Europa Download (Latest)




Changelog: 4.7.4 Engine: New: Added support for expanding the distance scales for both unrolled and folded code sequences. Fixed: The Metric and Imperial Track scaling now scale with the in-game item’s scale, rather than being forced to a fixed value. Fixed: Fixed a rare crash bug caused by random events. Vehicle Info: New: Added a “Far Patrol” to the vehicle info pages. This is intended to give pilots a sense of the range from their current location that a vehicle can cover. This is, unfortunately, only a rough estimate. Please don’t take this as a true of exact range, or an indication of how much you need to path around things. It is intended as a rough indication of the sort of terrain that is most likely to catch a radar beam. New: There’s a new button on the vehicle info screen which lets you navigate to a given vehicle’s history screen, whether it’s the current vehicle, or one of the previous vehicle you’ve selected. Signal Characteristics: New: Added “Speeds above 60kts” to the Signal Characteristics dialog. This allows for more fine-grained targeting adjustments. Vehicle Weapons: New: Added status messages for “adjustable” and “locked” to the Vehicle Weapons screen. When you click on an “adjustable” vehicle weapon, a new dropdown will appear. If you set a new “fire mode”, the weapon will also be set as adjustable, though it will always default to whatever fire mode you previously selected. If you click on a “locked” vehicle weapon, the action you clicked on will be locked in as the “fire mode” until you click another button or page. New: Added a new row to the Vehicle Weapons screen that can be selected using the "Configure…" button. This will configure all of the vehicle’s vehicle weapons at once. It will only work when the vehicle is locked. Note: This new row is the last row of the current configuration, and will be removed when you select another weapon for the vehicle. Note: A vehicle’s vehicle weapons cannot be configured with different fire modes at the same time, though you can select each




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Cyclops Radar Info Europa Download (Latest)

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