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Laila Majnu video download Laila Majnu full movie download Laila Majnu 6th October film download Laila Majnu video downloadQ: A bash script that open a program, wait a while and close it What I'm trying to do is to automate the process of creating a certain format of xls file. This process normally takes 3 hours each day. What I'm trying to achieve is first open MS Word, then wait for a while. and then close Word. I've been searching on how to do it, but the most I've managed to do is this: #! /bin/bash word=`/usr/bin/find /home/foo/foo.xls.gz -type f -name "*foo.xls*" | grep '.gz$'` app=`/usr/bin/find /home/foo/foo.xls.gz -type f -name "*foo.xls*" | grep '.xls$'` while [ "$word"!= "" ] && [ "$app"!= "" ] do cat $word $app >/home/foo/foo.xls.gz mv foo.xls.gz "$word" mv foo.xls foo.xls.gz mv foo.xls foo word=$(grep '.gz$' foo.xls.gz) app=$(grep '.xls$' foo.xls.gz) sleep 1 done I know this may be far from what you wanted, but I'm totally new to bash scripting, and I can't even edit it. So please give me some hints. Thank you! A: I would recommend you to use the GNU parallel utilities. This utility allows you to run command line scripts (as little as a single line) in parallel (using GNU cat). So, in order to run your command on a daily basis, use the following command: parallel -j+0 your_command_here: ~/your_path_here -- > my_logs/foo.xls.gz Where your_command_here is the command you want to run. You can read more about this utility here. (


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